Get UNSTUCK and instantly shift your personal and professional ENERGY!

Feeling overwhelm ?

Not knowing what to do ?

Lost your inspiration and motivation ?

Need help tuning in ?

What if you could feel a greater sense of peace and clarity regarding your current situation just by connecting to a group of Light Beings that are here to love, encourage and assist you ?

You are ready to get unstuck


You are ready to welcome guidance


You are ready to take responsibility for yourself


You are ready to connect with the angelic realm


You are ready to take the situation as an opportunity for growth


You are ready to recognize the divine in yourself

Join me for a session (1)


I will access the angelic realm

I share with you the information

I will removed blocks

I will raised your vibration

I will address your energetic needs

“400 miles away ….I could feel the energy moving”

” I have worked with a couple of healers in the past, but working with Sandrine was totally different. She was very much in tune with the work and even though she was some 400 miles away and we were working virtually I could feel the effects of the Reiki session like energy moving and other physical sensations. She was also very accurate with a psychic reading she had done for me a couple of weeks prior. I am super grateful to have gotten the opportunity to meet Sandrine ! “

Victoria Melchor -Transformational Coach- USA

Bonjour, my name is Sandrine Daubord a mom, a Reiki  Master Teacher with a French accent. Before becoming a certified Reiki Master, an Angelic DNA Practitioner & a Massage Therapist, I wrote children’s shows and acted in France. Then I fell in love and made a new home in the USA. After giving birth to two wonderful girls, I sought out Reiki to overcome some personal struggles and eventually became a Reiki Master in 2005. I’ve been practicing Reiki now for a while and around 3 years ago I started channeling while being with my clients online. I allow myself to become a clear channel of this amazing group of Light Beings called “Angelica”. Since then, they assist me in all my session and it has been a very amazing experience. I would love to share my knowledge with you because I know how much this process can help you when you’re in search of peace, happiness and abundance. I cannot wait to guide you with the assistance of Reiki and Angelica to reconnect you to your higher-self, your essence, your authenticity, your divinity, your soul and be the light you are and came on this earth to be.

“The session had a profound healing effect.”

” I had a beautiful experience in my intuitive session with Sandrine. Everything she said resonated with me and was just what I needed. The session has had a profound healing effect. I have felt more clear and like a fog has been lifted since our session. I also greatly appreciate all the tips that Sandrine gave me for staying centered and her beautiful loving energy. I can’t recommend Sandrine enough.”

Yroko Marie Drevon – Holistic Life Coach – California

SOME OF THE BENEFITS of working with me


  • Increased vitality
  • Feeling centered
  • Raising the body’s vibrational frequency
  • Removing energy blocks (on the body, in the home or business)
  • Help emotional cleansing
  • Bringing you more focus
  • Improving clarity
  • Increasing strentgh
  • Increasing general well-being (both for you and your environment)
  • Bringing back physical, mental, emotional & spiritual balance

“Sandrine is a heart centered Reiki practitioner …”

“Sandrine Daubord is a gifted, heart centered Reiki practitioner and teacher, skilled in both in in person and distance healing. She is extremely intuitive and dedicated. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Marbeth Dunn -Coach, Mentor, Transformational Speaker, Workshop Leader, Author, Empath and Intuitive





You will receive an e-mail with all the informations you need

You will also receive a guide in Pdf files : How to prepare yourself

You will be invited to come to the session with an intention


“Always very loving, caring and empowering.”

“It was an amazing and beautiful experience. Sandrine like always was very attentive to each participant. I felft safe to share my experience with the group. Each time it’s a surprise and the messages Sandrine channeled are always very loving, caring and empowering. I highly recommend it to anyone.”

Mélanie Sylla – Holistic Aromatherapist and Health Guide



We will meet online 

You will explain to me what is your challenge

We will be interacting with the group of Light Beings “Angelica”

You will be able to ask them any questions you want

The session will be recorded for you to keep

You will leave with practical steps you can implement


” She created a space for me to hear what I needed to hear…”

“What a beautiful experience ! Sandrine’s intuitions so strong that she knew a reading with her was what I needed and I am truly thankful. I’d been feeling very uneasy about my business direction because it seemed to come about from several shifts. She created a space for me to hear what I  needed to hear and willing and loving answering all my questions. She explained the entire process and provided advice that I will treasure. I took so many notes ! I’d tell anyone who wanted to get more clarity or feel more grounded to speak to Sandrine. Her services have been added to my treasure chest.”

Monique Welch-  Barbade.




You will feel CLEAR and EMPOWERED

You will feel ALIGNED with your true desired

Your will leave with specific personal tools to use to keep yourself balanced and centered

If you are ready to take a quantum leap

Join me for a Soul Clarity Session in the comfort of your home.


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