Your home is your temple.

Space clearing & harmonizing

can  shift things

BIG time!

Like the human being, a home possess a soul.

When the home is “sick” she represents dysfunction and can discharge her tenant ‘s energies.

When the home is balanced as well as all the energy of the habitants, you will feel amazing.

Your home is a continuity of you.

It reflects your personality, she is filled with your emotions, thoughts, behavior and experience and before that with the imprints of people who have lived at that home before you.

The same thing for objects, furniture, clothes…all is energies.

Energie is subtle and invisible.

It is why it is so important to take good care of your home physically (meaning the design) & emotionally (clearing, harmonizing).

My intentions for this session is to bring you balance, harmony and peace in your home, for yourself & your loved ones.




  • to dispel a negative atmosphere
  • to make a place feel special
  • to purify your home
  • to harmonize your home
  • to removed entities, lost souls
  • to remove thought forms attachment on objects
  • to removed memory of the place
  • to enhance the vibration of your space





  • before to move in a new home
  • during health challenge
  • sleep deprived/kids that has nightmares
  • when you wish to sell your home, business, space
  • when there is conflicts
  • every month
  • every week
  • when you feel the needs

Choose your appointment depending on the size of your home


Take your appointment to a time that suits you


You will receive a confirmation email


You will receive an explanatory document that will you explain how you prepare before a full session on your house





” My boyfriend entered the house…he notices that the house felt different.”

“I just have to tell  how absolutely wonderful Sandrine Daubord is.

Last year she came into my life and I hope she never leaves because just knowing her has made my life better. She’s too modest to tell you this so I have to shout it from the rooftops.

If you are ready for your energy field to shift – for every single thing in your day to go according to plan (or better!) then you need to book a session with her.

My great aunt passed away, I’ve moved 3 times in the last 2 months and my business was growing so fast I was stressed out hiring new people and managing their work while they learned the ropes. Long story short, I was overwhelmed, run down and TIRED.

One chat with Sandrine yesterday and my entire world changed – she helped me to feel at peace with my aunt’s transition and before I got off the phone, I got a message from my aunt in the form of a knock on my door.

When my boyfriend entered the house he immediately noticed that the house felt different.

She taught me how to manage my energy so that I stop worrying about everything and reminded me to stay grounded.

Today is unfolding with grace and ease it’s unbelievable. As soon as I got to the bus stop there was a bus waiting for me to get on and I got to my destination in half the usual time. People everywhere have been extra nice to me, more smiles, more conversations… WOW

I log on my computer to see a glowing testimonial from a new client in one of my programs and a free training on a subject that I’ve been eager to explore.

It’s not even lunch time yet but I KNOW today will be an amazing day.

If you’re feeling a bit “off”, she will get you back on track. She’s wonderful!”

Monique Welch - Barbarde

“Some Reiki energy clearing sessions to give my son  peaceful nights “

“I had a session with Sandrine because my two year old son had a lot of trouble falling asleep and often wake up during the night after our move. Some Reiki energy clearing sessions were enough to give him a peaceful sleep, to the relief of the whole family! Even during the day, I immediately felt him calmer, more serene. I enjoyed the responsiveness of Sandrine and his gentle energy and valuable advice. My son immediately felt confident and comfortable with her too. A big thank you, Sandrine, for helping my little boy when at some point I felt totally helpless.”


Mélanie Sylla- Canada

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